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Passionate & Dedicated

Passionate about the husbandry and breeding of true Altum angelfish, we believe Shoreline Aquatics is the only American producer of healthy, high quality, captive raised stock. 

We are dedicated to conservation by producing an alternative to wild Pterophyllum Altum, which is imported with disregard to extremely high mortality rates in captivity. 

-Shoreline Aquatics, formed in 2017, is a
family business that proudly produces
high quality fish in
small quantities. 
We are located in
Shoreline, Washington.  


" It is not only the genetic quality of the breeding pair;  but the environment they live in, how it is maintained, the types and variety of foods offered, that, ulimately determine how strong, healthy and beautiful their offspring are."  
                                         - Thomas Lai-Fook  

This philosophy has not only led us the the successful propogation of real PterophyllumAltum angelfish, but, also shines through in the quality of all of the fishes that 
we produce.