Altum Angelfish Tank Raised Small

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Our product, captive raised Altum angelfish, proudly produced and offered in the USA.  The strain originated from the Rio Orinoco and develops a metallic blue forehead.  This is a long captive line of several generations developed in Germany, the advantage in this being the fish are exceptionaly hardy, can live comfortably at lower temperatures than wild altums, and reach an astounding size.   Reaching maturity in 1 year these fish can grow to 12 inches tall in 2 years and some males eventually attaining 17 inches.  A large tank is needed to accomodate their fast growth with height being an important factor.  Fish have been well cared for and raised in lots of space to insure proper growth.   Fish are adapted to our local water source ph 7.2.  But, they can adjust to all water conditions.  Healthy Altums have the personalities of begging dogs.  They are able to consume a large amount of food several times a day and therefore need consistent water changing regime. Shoreline Aquatics believes in keeping the temperature down at (82. 4 F) during development.  Here we are preserving the this lines ability to thrive at lower temperatures although the fish can also be adapted to live up to 90F. This warmer water adaption makes these fish the ideal tankmates for Discus. Or they can be kept with different tankmates that do well at 80F.

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Doing Great!
John (NY) 3/1/2020 4:24 PM
Picked up 8 of these guys. Doing great! Love em!
Stephen (Ny) 12/27/2019 6:10 AM
Great altums , perfect fins and stripes, grow very fast
ALTUM tank raised
Anthony (Pasadena California ) 12/2/2019 11:20 PM
5 healthy Altum’s were delivered to me in excellent condition. Packaging was fully secured, Angel’s look superb! I would definitely recommend Shoreline Aquatics to those who are Altum fanatics! Would like to acknowledge Thomas who was very helpful as well. More power and keep up the good work in breeding these beautiful Altums!